Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Think pink for your next craft room spree! We’ve rounded up a bevy of pretty Valentine’s Day DIYs just in time to be hit by Cupid’s arrow. These pink DIY projects are perfect inspiration to get prepped for the most romantic day of the year, or wonderful crafting fun to start on the day of. Whether you want to spruce up your home or create a unique and heartfelt gift, here are a few Valentine’s Day DIYs to get you started. Enjoy!

For the ombre-lover, pink represents shades of DIY possibility. Yarn letters make an adorable pink DIY project for a fun soiree or engagement party, while an ombre lamp shade brings the sweetest of hues into your interior. We love the idea of dipping into some dye for a Valentine’s Day craft that’s focused on giving, while we’re enamored with this DIY cork board project that would add an instant pop of pretty color to any workspace.

Here are the links for the tutorials: Yarn Letters, Paper Lamp Shade, Dyed Gift Bags, Cork Board

For those who fancy florals, a Valentine’s Day DIY should of course focus on either the vase or the pretty petals that go into it!

Here are the links for the tutorials: Pained Vase, Paper Wreath, Paper Flowers

For the color-blocking fiend, pink can instantly elevate a humdrum room. Whether you choose a Valentine’s Day DIY that adds just a pink accent, like to a pot or a rope basket, or go all out color happy with a dresser renovation, color-blocking is a great way to incorporate this romantic color into your home décor.

Click here for the tutorials: Painted Pots, Painted Dresser, Rope Basket
So gather up your supplies for a pink DIY project, pick out something pink for date night, and then you'll be all set for Valentine's Day!


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  • hello these are exactly what I was looking for! however the links for the paper wreaths and paper flowers don't seem to work?

    Posted on January 28, 2014