Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If you browsed our new bridal lookbook, From This Day Forward, you probably spied these enchanting leaf garlands. We loved the project so much, we thought we’d share the DIY with our Ruchettes! To learn how to create your own leaf garlands in time for a spring party or Easter brunch, follow our step-by-step tutorial.

Vellum paper (green)
Needle + thread (green)
Leaf shape stencil (optional)

1. Print out or draw a leaf stencil and trace it onto the vellum paper.

2. Carefully cut out the leaves. It helps to add a couple of extra blank sheets underneath the stenciled sheet; that way you can cut multiple leaves at a time!

3. Next you'll need to thread a needle with about 2 feet of thread. Make sure to double up on the thread for durability. Take a stack of leaves and puncture one end with the needle.

*Note: Try not to make the hole too big or else the leaves will start sliding out of place. If that happens, you can use tape to help secure them.

4. Pull the leaves through the needle and distribute them along the strand of thread. Continue adding more leaves. Once you're done, cut and tie the other end of the strand into a knot.

5. If you wish, connect multiple strands of garlands together to create even longer garlands. Use tape to attach the garlands to a wall or ceiling and then you're done!

We can’t wait to use this DIY to decorate our homes for get-togethers this season! Will you be giving this project a try?


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  • Excuse me, where were you when I was planning my wedding last year?! :) I just discovered ShopRuche.com and The Ruche Blog after stalking one of my friends on Instagram. She was wearing the prettiest bridesmaid dress I'd ever seen, and she said it was from Ruche!

    I absolutely love this Vellum Paper Leaf Garland DIY. It is gorgeous. I have bookmarked your blog and will definitely be back for more. Please check out my wedding planning blog too! http://www.luvthebride.com

    <3 Dorothy

    PS: I just ordered the Social Club Jeweled Earrings. Free shipping?! Yes, please. :)

    Posted on April 8, 2014

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