Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Transform old vintage finds into something new! For our spring lookbook, we revamped an old croquet set into a cute prop. You could also use this for spring parties or decor. Note: You can find an inexpensive croquet set online or at local garage sales, thrift stores, etc. We found ours for $5 on Goodwill’s website!



Croquet Set
Spray paint
Acrylic paint
Paint brush



1. Choose a color that you’d like to paint your croquet mallet with and start spray painting! You’ll have to paint one side and allow time for it to dry before flipping the mallet over to paint the other side.


2. Once the paint on the croquet mallet has dried, use a small paint brush and acrylic to decorate your mallet with stripes. Feel free to use as many different colors as you’d like!


3. Make it a set by painting the croquet balls in matching colors! To paint each croquet ball, you’ll have to spray paint one side and allow time to dry before painting the other side.


4. Have fun!

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