Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Natural beauty mixed with hints of vintage make for a beautiful bridal shoot and we love the way Lauren from Love Lola incorporates both into her darling pictures! We are head over heels for her vintage bridal gown that brings a simple kind of beauty to the shoot with its delicate lace and ruffles. She also uses a vintage blue birdcage as a prop to complete the ethereal look and feel of the shoot. Her beauty and joy lights up every photo!

I was married last May and these photos are from my bridal shoot. My dress is vintage, and my flower crown is handmade from Etsy. My wedding was vintage-inspired, making my bridal shoot vintage inspired as well. We also incorporated a "midsummer night's dream" feel to it. Marrying my husband was like a dream to me, and this shoot embodies that perfectly. I am so grateful to Tahni Candeleria-Holm from Joyeuse Photography for providing us with such beautiful pictures to cherish forever!

--Lauren from Love Lola




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