Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First things first: what exactly is a first look? A first look is an orchestrated, intimate moment when a couple sees each other before the wedding ceremony. We know what you’re thinking; that’s so untraditional! But it’s becoming more of a new tradition as couples opt to have a private moment together before the ceremony. The groom is usually led to a secluded, scenic spot, where the bride then taps him on the shoulder. He then turns around and sees her for the first time, and the reactions of the couple are captured by the photographer.

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While there are a number of reasons first looks are a great idea, it’s ultimately a personal decision. If you’re on the fence about which decision is right for you, read on for five reasons you might want to do a first look.

1. Time alone together on your wedding day:  The first look is often the only time a couple has alone during the wedding. Even if you saw each other the night before, there will be so much you want to say to each other on your big day! Having a first look allows you to take time to talk, laugh, and enjoy being alone before the whirlwind of friends and relatives. Relieving a bit of the nervousness and stress will also translate into beautiful, relaxed couple portraits.

2. More couple portraits: Wedding photography is a big investment and your couple portraits are some of the most cherished photos you will decorate your home with. Doing a first look ensures that you won’t be rushed post-ceremony. By having more time, you give your photographer the chance to get more creative with compositions and settings, and to capture more of those candid sweet moments that happen in between poses. Between a possible schedule mishap or the need to get the reception, you might only end up with a quick twenty-minute portrait session after the ceremony.

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3. A more relaxed photography timeline: If you do a first look, you can take most (if not all!) of your formal family pictures before the ceremony as well. As with couple photos, these family photos may feel more relaxed and joyful than pictures taken during the small window between the ceremony and reception. Instead of the wedding coordinator hovering over you during portraits to remind you of the fifteen minutes until your entrance, you can naturally transition from the first look into couple portraits and family photos. Once you’ve walked down the aisle, the remaining wedding party and family photos will be fun because no one is rushed.

4. Cocktail hour fun: Even if you have a first look, that moment when you walk down the aisle will be just as special -- you’re joining your best friend in a life together, after all! But now, instead of seeing each other for the first time in front of 50 or 200 guests, you will have had that moment be intimate and private, preparing you for the festivities ahead. By the time you get the reception, you'll be free to just be with your guests, eat, dance, and enjoy the toasts, knowing what your partner was feeling earlier that day and with the reassurance that the photographer captured the pictures you wanted most.

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5. In the event you cry: A final argument for the first look is both simple and sensible -- it could be the best choice for you if you’re someone who cries easily! If so, the first look can help for a couple of reasons. On one hand, the first look might allow you to get your tears out before the walk down the aisle, giving you time to fix your makeup and appear collected for the ceremony. On the other hand, if you don’t cry during the first look, you’ll be assured beautiful, tear-free photos with your future spouse, allowing you to feel free to cry all you need to during the ceremony itself.

So Ruchettes, is the first look for you? Weigh the pros and cons of breaking from tradition, and go with the decision that best suits who you are as a couple. Whether or not you choose to see your future spouse before the ceremony, you’ll certainly have a beautiful wedding!


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