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    Welcome to our third installment of Sam & Sarah's Wedding Series! In the past two entries, we had the chance to meet these lovely ladies and learn how they're organizing their wedding planning pursuits. This week, we're focusing on engagement party plans! Read on to learn what the gals have in mind for their engagement celebrations.

    1. Will you have an engagement party?

    Sam: Having an engagement party is actually not at the top of my list right now! Since we decided to go for a 9 month engagement, planning the wedding party has taken priority. If we do one, it will be small and with close friends when I have the time to arrange it.

    Sarah: We are planning a small engagement party for next month, when my sister is in town. She hasn’t been back to California since I got engaged, and I couldn’t imagine not having her there!

    2. If so, when and where? What do you envision for it?

    Sam: In my front yard this summer because I have a huge grass lawn. I’d want to keep it small and simple - a BBQ with good beer and time spent around our fire pit.

    Sarah: We don’t have any concrete plans yet, but we are thinking something small at a restaurant. Italian food is at the top of my list!

    3. Which Ruche dress will you wear?

    Sam: Something casual and flattering, like the Vista Trails Embroidered Dress and a cute panama hat (why not? It's warm out!). Shift dresses are my go-to look right now and a hat is a necessity when I'm out in the sun.

    Sarah: I'd definitely go with something chic, like the Waiting For You Crochet Dress.

    For more engagement styling ideas, take a look at our helpful guide. We'll see you in two weeks will the next part of the series, so check out our past installments if you need to catch up!


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    If you've been following Sam and Sarah's Wedding Series or have seen our post on wedding registry, you'll know that our Marketing Coordinator, Sam, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to wedding planning. This tech-savvy gal is extremely organized and utilizes the best sites to keep her guests, family, and wedding party informed. Before planning your own wedding website, read on for Sam's helpful information on creating your wedding website.

    The first thing you have to decide on is which wedding site you want to build your own site through. There are two well-known and reliable free sources I'd recommend -- The Knot and Wedding Wire. If you're willing to pay and have the budget for it, The Appy Couple, Riley & Grey, SquareSpace and Sitting In A Tree are all wonderful options. Once you sign up for your website, you can include the link in your wedding invite, though I'd suggest sharing it on the backside or on a separate slip so it doesn't ruin the design the invitation.

    Wedding Website Pros:
    There are so many pros to building a wedding website! First, you can save money on the invites you send out, as you don't have to include as much information in the mail and have the freedom to make changes if need be. Second, you can link your registry to your website, which keeps it all in one place. Third, you can include additional information that isn't typically included in invitations, which will keep you from receiving lots of emails and calls inquiring about those details. Fourth, your site will show up in search engine results, which is helpful in the event a guest loses their invitation or is out somewhere without the link on hand, wanting to access information. Fifth, you can link directly to a map to help guests locate the venue. The list goes on and on -- you have endless possibilities when you create a wedding website!

    Wedding Website Pages:
    Now that you've decided to create a wedding website, it's time to plan the pages! Here are the various pages I recommend including on your site.

    This page is pretty simple. You can include a cute little blurb about how excited you are for your guests to join you on your special day and a reminder to keep checking back for updates on the site.

    About Us: Not everyone will know both the groom and the bride. Some guests may know one of you well and only have briefly met the other, so you can use this space to elaborate more on yourselves. Include information such as where you graduated, your hobbies, where you work, and any other fun facts that best show off your personality.

    The Proposal Story: Similar to the above, not everyone who is invited to your wedding will know the proposal story. I think I've recited mine at least 17 times now, and the last thing I want at the wedding is people asking me how it happened while I'm eating, dancing, or cutting the cake. I figured it would be best to have this on our page so everyone would be able to read it before the wedding.

    The Wedding Party: This is a great way to announce who is in the wedding. You could even go into detail about the friendships and relationships you share with those in your party!

    The Ceremony + The Reception: This page is very important. Here you can add the start times for both events, along with the addresses. We also included a nice description about each location so that guests would know what to expect. This page will include some of the most vital information, so make sure to explain things clearly to avoid any mix-ups or confusion.

    Guest Information: This page can include anything else that guests will need to know. I included the hotels where I blocked out rooms, the dress code, weather prediction, and a very important notice from our venue that they required we shared with our guests. I also included our email addresses and my cell number in case anyone had questions. You can also include a list of possible questions that your guests might have (see below for possible guest questions to include).

    Registry:  To practice proper etiquette, it's best to not mention your registry in your invite and only include it on your wedding site. This page should auto-generate after you've added where you are registered; I made our wedding website through The Knot and it automatically pulled all the stores and products we registered for right onto our site. You can also include if you would rather have gift cards or money to help with a down-payment on a house. See my Registry Recommendations for more information!

    Honeymoon: Unless you are asking for honeymoon funds via your registry, I don't think this page is completely necessary other than announcing where you plan to jet off to after the big day. Since my fiance and I haven't decided yet, I just filled in this page to say we are still debating, but Portland, OR is at the top of our list. Your guests (especially family) might love to know this kind of information.

    RSVP: This isn't a feature on all wedding websites, but some have the option to allow guests to electronically respond via their site. I personally prefer the old-fashioned snail mail insert, but this is definitely a way to save you money by not adding the RSVP insert, an envelope, and a stamp to your physical invite.

    Possible Guest Questions To Include:
    While it might seem a bit overly-informative to include this section on your website, I know I'd rather have all the information available for anyone who might have additional questions. You can even use your question section to try to avoid potential negative situations. For example, include a question like, "Do you have colors you don't want us to wear?"  to make sure that guest won't match the bridal party. Perhaps you didn't consider that situation before, and accidental matching would bother you! Having this question and answer available on your site will ensure that only your bridesmaids will be in blush pink on your big day.

    Here are some other great questions to answer on your site:

    When is the RSVP deadline? You can even include that they should expect a call if the deadline isn't promptly met!

    How do I get to the venue? Link to your Ceremony and Reception page with the listed address.

    Will there be parking? If the venue doesn't have its own parking, you can include local parking options.

    Will I have to pay for parking? Will there be valet? Let your guests know if the parking is free or if you have already covered the cost. Also specify if guests should tip the parking attendant or if that has been covered as well.

    What should I wear? What is the dress code? Take into account the weather -- will they need a jacket or sunscreen? Will the event be taking place on hardwood, grass, or dirt?

    Are there any colors you don't want guests to wear? As we talked about earlier, this is the place to address that your guests should aim to stay away from the bridal party colors, and to mention any other colors you don't want at your wedding.

    Are children welcome?

    May I bring a date? Specify how strict your guest policy is. Are you only allowing guests who were listed on the invite?

    Will dinner/food be served? What kind of food will be served? What if I have a dietary restriction?

    Will there be alcohol? Here you can specify is the wedding is dry or if you will be having an open or cash bar.

    Will there be dancing? Can I request a song?

    Can I bring a camera and take pictures? If you want guests to take pictures, this is a good place to include your email if you would like them to email you afterwards. Also, do you want to have an Instagram hashtag? You can announce it here!

    Are the ceremony and reception locations wheelchair accessible?

    Happy website-making,
    -- Sam, Marketing Coordinator

    Images via Style Me Pretty

    We hope this post will help you create a truly informative and easily accessibly wedding website. Is there anything else you're making sure to include on your site?

    For more helpful wedding information and to be notified when we launch new wedding-related blog posts, "like" our bridal page on Facebook!


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    Welcome to the second installment of Sam & Sarah's wedding series! If you haven't read the first segment, make sure you hop on over to meet the gals, read their proposal stories, and get a feel for their wedding visions. This week, these lovely ladies are discussing getting started with the wedding planning process, sharing how much they've progressed and what tips they've picked up along the way. As a reminder, Sam is getting married in October, while Sarah is tying the knot in March, so their progress correlates with how much time they have left to plan. Read on for their updates and firsthand advice!

    1. How are you staying organized? Do you have a notebook? An Excel chart? A wedding planner?

    Sam: I have a 16-tab Google spreadsheet that includes date availability, guest list, predicted RSVPs, budget, deposit and payment dates, venues, photographers, and vendors, in addition to a separate Google calendar (shared with my fiance and mom) that includes all of our appointments, payment dates and other wedding plans. I have a special "wedding" label in my inbox so I can easily see all my wedding emails, and I've made sure that I've saved my vendors as contacts in my phone and grouped them into a wedding group. I also have my Pinterest boards and a secret dress board for inspiration.

    In addition to all of my online planning tools, I have my favorite Rifle Paper Co notepad and Post-Its with daily task lists. Crossing them off makes me feel great! Physical lists are a great way to keep track of what you've done, because as you progress with your plans, it gets more and more difficult to remember what you've done. Lastly, I have a coordinator - not a wedding planner. Her role is more logistical and comes in around the last month and on the day of. I felt I didn’t need a planner and am happy I chose to do it on my own.

    Sarah: My mom gifted me a wedding planning binder that helps me stay organized. It has tabs that include everything from the reception venue to photography, and everything in between! It is extremely helpful to have it all organized in one place. I keep everything from sample invitations, to copies of contracts and receipts in it. I also have a reception venue coordinator who has been a huge help! She will assist me up until the wedding, as well as the day of. I have a wedding Pinterest board, as well as a moodboard, where I display pictures of my potential dress, bridesmaid dresses, sample bouquets, and color palettes. I am a very visual person, so it helps to be able to see how everything will look together as I continue to come up with ideas.

    2. What have you planned so far?

    Sam: At this moment, I have the venue, photographer, dress, caterer, florist, videographer, pastor, maids and men, hair & makeup gal, and a 99% finalized guest list.

    Sarah: I have booked the church I will get married in, as well as the reception venue and photographer. I have a preliminary guest list compiled, and have asked my bridesmaids as well as my matron of honor!

    3. What's next on the list?

    Sam: Designing the invites, booking the DJ, working on the day before/day of timeline schedule, booking a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests, and planning the wedding shower & bachelorette with my best friend and maid of honor, Ariel.

    Sarah: Next on my list is purchasing my dress and the bridesmaid dresses, and deciding on a florist and videographer.

    4. How are you feeling? Any tips?

    Sam: I am feeling really great! Organization (read: OCD) is my middle name, so I am on top of everything. I am loosely going by The Knot’s timeline, but I am knocking out things as quickly as I can. I could really use a massage or facial though. That would be nice.

    Here are the tips I’ve given my plethora of recently engaged friends:
    -- Scour the Blogs: Begin with Style Me Pretty -- you can search the gallery by categories, tags, colors, style, or season. Next comes Green Wedding Shoes, Grey Likes, Once Wed, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Rustic Wedding Chic, Snippet & Ink.
    ** I looked through a ton of posts and if you find a venue you like - search "(venue name) Style Me Pretty" and more likely than not, a couple of real weddings at that venue will come up through the blog, so you can see it without having to visit a bazillion places.

    -- Utilize Wedding Wire: It's not a wedding blog, but it's extremely useful when looking for venues. It compiles information that is presented in a consistent format, so it's easy to compare multiple venues.

    -- Pin Pin Pin: If you haven't yet, create a Pinterest board and pin as much as you can. A lot of vendors will ask for your board to see what you're liking, so if you already have what's in your mind on your boards, it's super helpful. Maybe even make a new account that you only use for wedding planning and make each board specific, with topics like dresses (keep that one secret!), flowers, and specific photo shots so you can send that exact board to each vendor. This is wedding planning of the 21st century - gone are the days of magazine tear-outs.

    --  Sign Up: Make an account on The Knot! It's so much help, as they are a wedding authority with tons of resources and a great timeline to follow with options to customize it.

    -- Buy This Book: It was lent to me by my friend's mom and it is the wedding planning Bible. It has advice for every situation! I am really not kidding - buy it.

    Sarah: I'm feeling really happy and excited! I have some major things checked off my list, so that is a great feeling. I would suggest either getting a binder or utilizing some other organizational tool to keep track of everything. For wedding inspiration, I love blogs such as Green Wedding Shoes, The Lane, Bash Please, and 100 Layer Cake to name a few. I would recommend making an account on The Knot as well. They have a lot of resources and great templates for your personal wedding website!

    Where are you in the wedding planning process? Make sure to check back in two weeks for the next installment of the series. And if you still haven't seen the girls' first post, wander on over to for some truly adorable proposal stories!


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    Registering for your wedding can be a daunting ordeal -- where to begin in the sea of salad tongs and Egyptian cotton? Thankfully, our Marketing Coordinator, Sam, is here to help! This lovely Ruchette is tying the knot in October, and has learned a lot through her personal experience with registering. Before running to Crate & Barrel and blindly opting for the first stemware you see, read on for her informative wedding registry tips.

    There is so much I've learned during my wedding registry process! Prepare for a wealth of information -- I'll be sharing as many tips and tricks with you as I can.

    This advice is a combination of what I've learned from a family friend, information from the The Wedding Book (a must-buy for all brides!), and my personal experience. Let me tell you; it is not as easy as it looks. Yes, it's a lot of fun, but if you do it thoroughly, it's a bit exhausting. Think about it -- it's the biggest shopping spree of your life!  Don't worry though; it will all get done, and the more thorough you are, the happier you'll be with your new gifts.

    From what I have heard, most people say to register at about 3-4 stores. Make sure at least one or two of those stores have physical retail locations so those guests who prefer to pick presents out in person are able to do so. There are many things to take into account, but here's my list of advice to make this shopping trip as easy as possible.

    1. Gather Lists: There are tons of helpful lists available for you to use. Each store you register at will have one, and there are many lists available online. During my process, my two favorites were Real Simple and The Knot. See what all the lists say to start getting an idea of what you think you're going to want and need. Remember that these are only suggestions and you should end up making your own registry list based off what you've seen and what you know you'll personally need as a couple.

    2. Take Inventory: Go through you and your fiance's stuff and determine if there is anything that you already own that you don't want to upgrade. For me, I have a few Le Creuset baking pans and the best peeler in the world, so I crossed those items off the checklists. You may already have pots and pans, but are they the ones you want for the rest of your life (or at least for the next 20 years)? If they aren't, register for the set that you do want and donate your old set. Determine what you and your fiance have and want to keep, and everything else should be registered for.

    3. Pre-Select Stores: What kind of stores do you want to register at? Start looking online and determine which stores best fit your needs and wants. From my experience, different stores are better for different things. We registered at Macy's for electronics and appliances, Crate & Barrel for dinning ware (plates, glasses, flatware, entertaining platters, pitchers), Williams and Sonoma for specialty tools like colanders, wooden spoons, a garlic press, and Amazon for items that we could not find anywhere else (like our highly-rated cotton towels from Africa). When you're looking at the stores, see what brands they carry and start to familiarize yourself with terms such as tri-ply stainless steel and casualware versus fine dining china and brands like All Clad, Le Creuset and Lennox. Be on the lookout for special deals -- many brands give bonus gifts when your guests spend a qualifying amount on that brand! Ask the store representatives about this when you go in to register.

    4. Consider Alternative Registries Ideas: Many couples are choosing to collect honeymoon funds through sites such as Honey Fund and Traveler's Joy. Having a honeymoon fund can be great if you and your fiance don't need or want many traditional home items. You can also ask for gift cards (we asked for Costco) or contributions for a down payment on your future home. If you and your fiance are into camping, register at REI and get that tent that you've been eyeing. Another interesting trend I've noticed is grooms registering at Sears for tools. There are also sites where you can add items from stores that don't have registries such as My Registry and Simple Registry. Don't be afraid to think outside the box -- now is the time to consider what you really want as a couple!

    5. Decide How You Will Live: Are you and your fiance going to be hosting frequent dinners and entertaining brunches every Sunday? Or will it just be you two in a small kitchen most nights? Do you plan on moving a lot or within a couple years of the wedding, or will you be decorating your new place right after the wedding? Start answering these questions, because they will help you decide what and how much to register for. If you plan on hosting your huge extended family for Christmas, then register for a full set of pots and pans and make sure you get that 10 quart stockpot with the pasta insert!

    6. Ask For Advice: Don't be shy - ask the registry helpers at the store! They are there to help guide you through the process and they've helped many couples in the past. If you have a question such as "What exactly does this do?" or "Which microwave is better in your opinion?" ask, ask, ask! The woman who helped us gave us great tips, told us which items were most registered for, and which food processor was at the top of it's category. I also sought the wisdom of my college friend who graduated from culinary school; I wanted to know her thoughts on the best brands for stainless steel pans. I also asked for advice from my neighbor who always hosts large parties at her home. She gave me a kitchen tour and explained what everything was and if/why I would ever need it. I can't even tell you how helpful this was! Don't be afraid to ask those around you who know more than you do; you'll be so thankful you did. Lastly, make sure to read reviews; they really can make or break a product in my opinion (especially if it turns out a product easily breaks!).

    7. Over Register: This is the one piece of advice I have gotten from all the registry representatives: register for anything and everything you think you will need. You can always return items and exchange them for different things later on. The way my fiance and I are treating our registry is as our "everything we need" list. It includes things people probably won't buy us and includes even the smallest things, like chip clips. Whatever is left over are items we will have to purchase in order to put our place together.

    8. Diversify: Make sure you've registered for a good range of price points! Some of your friends are going to only want to spend $30-$50, while some of your older family members might not mind spending $100-$200 on a gift. You want to make sure there are enough options for all your guests to choose from at any given point. Many of the registry representatives ask for your email, so they help you keep track and alert you when you need to add more items in a certain price point. Just imagine if you were going to a wedding and the only gift left was a pricey appliance!

    9. Don't Do It All In One Day: Split up your trips to the stores, because you will not want to do all your registering in one day. An easy way to break it up is by store or what kinds of items you're registering for (kitchen, bath, decor, etc). My fiance and I spent two full days in the home side of the mall, because we mentally could not do it all in one day. We visited two stores in the first day, and then went home and reviewed it all online. We also added things onto our registry that night so we could take a look at them in the store the next day and added things in the store the next day so we could check out the reviews when we got home. For example, we added three sets of dishes in the store and then narrowed down our final decision at home on the computer. Be tactical and take advantage of in-store experience as well as the information found online.

    10. Compromise: This part may be the least fun when it comes to registering (or at least it was for me; I'm somewhat of a control freak). Before we started scanning, we talked about who cared more about which type of item. I said that I'd die if we didn't have the cornflower blue Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, and my fiance has been dreaming about Wusthof knives for years. We kind of broke down different parts of the registry and decided who would have the final say on certain items. I took lead on the specialty baking items, glassware, and cheese party essentials, whereas he took lead on the appliances, knives, and cutting boards. He wanted all white dishware and I wanted a set that wasn't quite so plain, so we ended up compromising on a white set that had a pretty design on it. Practicing how to compromise isn't a bad idea anyways; if you can't compromise over flatware sets now, you're going to run into bigger issues in your marriage.

    11. Don't Be Pressured: Registry lists are just generic suggestions! Don't feel like you have to register for something just because it's what "everybody else" gets. If you don't think you'll ever make cheesecake, then don't register for a spring-form pan; it will just waste precious space in you kitchen. If you can't imagine a day where you will break out the fine china, then don't register for it. Your list should be personal to you and your fiance, filled only with what you want and will use. If you think you're going to bake a lot of cookies, pies and tarts, then register for 4 cookie sheets instead of 2, and get the pie bird, the Silpats, the cooling racks, and a pastry blender.

    12. Edit, Delete, Add, Update: Periodically keep an eye on your registry after you've sent out invites to make sure that you always have enough on your registry. I think I've changed our slow-cooker selection three times now due to reviews. We also decided that we wanted a certain citrus juicer over another. We've made so many changes and that's ok - get what you really want!

    13. Publish Your Registry Online: The Knot has been my favorite site for combining all our registry stores. Through The Knot, you can create your wedding website (to host any additional guest information) along with all the items you've registered for. This feature is wonderful because it also allows guests to search by store, price range, availability and what is still needed. It turns your registry into a shopping site, as it shows viewers the product images, prices, and which store it's from. Your registry site will show up in web search results and you can also link to it in your wedding shower invite. And to make sure guests don't feel pressured into getting us a gift, here's the memo I added to our site: "The best gift that we could ask for is to have all of our friends and family join us for our big day. That being said, if you really would like to give us a gift to celebrate our new life together, we have registered at 4 stores so we can get our kitchen and home in order."

    14. Be Thankful: Remember to jot down who gifted you which item and be sure to send handwritten thank you cards! Many registries can give you this information as well under your account on their site. I'd recommend sending out thank you notes as soon as you get the gift - that way you're not scrambling after the wedding to write a hundred thank you notes. And remember, it's the maid of honor's job to write down who gave you which gifts at your shower, too!

    15. Have Fun: Registering for gifts has been one of the biggest highlights of wedding planning for my fiance and I. When else do you get to go on a huge shopping spree without spending any money? Wedding planning and registering can be stressful, but remember to take it all in and enjoy it while it lasts!

    Happy scanning,
    -- Sam, Marketing Coordinator

    Photography: Jose Villa

    We hope this post has you ready to take the mall by storm! For other helpful wedding planning tips, "like" our Ruche Bridal Facebook page, check out Sam and Sarah's wedding series, and take a look at some of our other informative wedding posts: Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer, Wedding First Looks, Tips for Picking an Engagement Session Location. And if you're on the search for outfit ideas for your engagement photos, bridal shower, and bachelorette party, our Engagement Styling Guide has plenty of useful advice!


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    Welcome to Sam and Sarah's wedding series! Our Marketing Coordinator, Sam, and our Stylist, Sarah, are two engaged Ruchettes getting married within the next year. We thought that our engaged readers could garner a lot of helpful information through Sam and Sarah's wedding planning process, so the girls have teamed up to share their experiences with you. Every two weeks, we'll be looking to both brides-to-be for their planning updates and tips, and we hope you'll learn from their accomplishments and compromised states of sanity alike. Read on to meet these lovely ladies and discover their heartwarming engagement stories.

    1. How did he propose?

    Sam: He proposed during a weekend trip with our friends in Big Bear, CA. After we all ate dinner together, he had my girlfriends convince me to go to Starbucks. I wanted to stay and relax in the cabin, but after some persuasion, I finally decided to join the girls. When we got back, the cabin was dark. I opened the back door and saw a slew of tealight candles that spelled out the phrase "Marry Me" out on the grass by the lake. He got down on one knee in the freezing 30 degree night, and I said yes! We popped the champagne immediately after and celebrated with our friends indoors by the fire.

    Sarah: I thought I would definitely know when he was going to propose, but he chose to pop the question the day after Christmas to throw me off. He asked if I wanted to go to dinner and walk around the canals in Long Beach, California to see the Christmas lights (this is a tradition we have every holiday season, but because of our busy schedules were unable to go earlier in the month). We were on our way to the canals after dinner when he made a wrong turn and parked the car. I was utterly confused, but followed him down to a pier where I ended up on a gondola boat. He wrote me a letter that I had to retrieve from a bottle floating alongside our boat, and at the end of the letter he asked me to marry him! The gondolier then brought out roses and dessert that were hidden on the boat. It was truly the happiest moment of my life!

    Sam & Josh enjoying the California sunshine together.

    2. How long you were dating?

    Sam: Josh and I have been dating for a wee bit over 5 years now! We met our freshman year in the dorms at Cal Poly Pomona. We started out as friends and then our relationship developed into something more. Five years later, here we are!

    Sarah: Timmy and I started dating my freshman year of college, and have been together for 8 years!

    3. Do you have a date set or in mind?

    Sam: We booked the date 3 weeks after the proposal! It's October 5, 2014.

    Sarah: Yes, it will be March 7th of next year.

    Sarah & Timmy being lovebirds back in 2008,

    4. What do you envision for your wedding?

    Sam: Here are the 5 words I’m using to describe my vision to all the vendors and people involved: rustic, outdoor, modern, classic, and autumnal.

    Sarah: The adjectives I'd use to sum up my vision are: romantic, indoor, vintage-glam, and enchanting. Mine will include both winter and spring elements.

    5. Tell us something sappy:

    Sam: We often dance all alone in my room to music that we mutually make up as we go. We're kinda weird like that.

    Sarah: Timmy and I had an unexplainable connection from the start. We came from extremely different backgrounds, yet connected on so many levels. He is my best friend, partner, and the love of my life. I would not be the person I am without him by my side all of these years. I am so excited for this next chapter!

    We hope you'll join us in following Sam and Sarah as they plan their wedding days! Feel free to ask questions below if you're in need of any wedding advice from one of these amazing gals. Make sure to check back in two weeks for the next installment!


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    The day is finally here! Our new bridal collection launches today and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with our Ruchettes! Take a look at our new bridal section and browse through our spring bridal lookbook, From This Day Forward, for a close look at some of our gorgeous modern-vintage wedding dresses and accessories.

    Whether you’re looking to capture a vintage aesthetic or need an affordable wedding or reception dress on your big day, our lookbook contains beautiful options that will help make your “I do” moment truly memorable. Our lookbook also showcases some of our new bridesmaid dresses and the accompanying shoes and accessories you’ll need in preparing for your wedding day. Browse through these stunning pages for inspiration and shop our collection for an even wider range of bridal essentials.

    Shot by the incredible Stephanie Williams, our bridal lookbook was made possible by our dedicated team, which featured Sarah Nuckles as stylist, KC Witkamp on hair and makeup, Vu Bui and Teresa Chu on videography and editing, and the beautiful Jenna as our model. We love how our creative coordinator, Orchid, and her team dreamt up the floral wall with blooms from Star Events and set the scene with antique furniture from Found Vintage. With the hard work of these amazing people, our vintage vision came to life!

    If you’re a bride-to-be, follow along with everything Ruche Bridal by liking our special Facebook page, Pinterest boards and signing up for our bridal newsletter! And don’t forget to keep checking back on our bridal collection for new additions if you’re on the hunt for dreamy finishing touches and cute home decor. For those of you in search of styling tips in preparation for your special day, read through our engagement guide for outfit ideas and helpful advice. With our vintage details and your beautiful spirit, we know your wedding day will be truly perfect!

    Love Beautifully,

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  • Wednesday, March 19, 2014

    Tomorrow’s the big day -- the launch of our new bridal collection! Featuring both vintage and modern dresses and accessories, every bride-to-be will find something covetable in tomorrow’s lookbook. May this sneak peek video and these pretty photos tide you over until you can browse the whole collection!

    To stay in the loop with our latest wedding news, “like” our Ruche Bridal page on Facebook and sign up for our bridal newsletter. We can’t wait for you to see the rest of the collection tomorrow!

    Love Beautifully,

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  • Wednesday, March 5, 2014

    If you’ve got an upcoming spring garden wedding (or several) to attend, you might be wondering what to wear on the big day. Some ladies have their wedding look down pat, but many find themselves envious of the bridesmaids who already know what they’ll be donning when the day arrives. Luckily, the pleasant spring weather gives you plenty of options and a great opportunity to play with color. Instead of fretting over what to wear, look at this event as a chance to express yourself! If you’re not sure where to begin, here are the five elements of the spring garden wedding ensemble that you can adapt to form your own spring wedding look.

    1. Colorful Dress: Whether you love a floral print or solid hue for spring, opt for a bright dress that makes you feel both sophisticated and comfortable. For something different, try a global print, retro polka dots, or a watercolor motif, or exchange your usual above-the-knee dress for a maxi-length frock.

    2. Strappy Wedges: For a quintessential spring look, pair your new dress with wedges that will enhance its ladylike silhouette (and show off your pedicure!). If you know you’ll be walking in the garden itself, it’s best to opt for wedges over skinny heels, as thin heels often sink into the grass.

    3. Neutral Purse: If you have a neutral purse in your collection, it’ll certainly match any spring look you create. Look for a small to medium-sized purse in a cream, tan, or taupe hue for the most versatility. Once you have your purse for the wedding, you can fill it with gum, tissues, bobby pins, and other items you may need that day.

    4. Statement Necklace: Accent your look with a fun statement necklace! We love everything from glossy sparkle of jeweled necklaces to the bold beading of our 31 Bits collection. Find a necklace to pair with your dress and you’ll be able to wear it all season long with a variety of other outfits.

    5. Bright Lipstick: Now that your outfit is complete, finish it off with a fun lipcolor. Pick a shade that will match the bright pink or red in your frock or jewelry, or opt for a color that complements the green, blues, or yellows in your ensemble. Weddings are the perfect time to try out a bold new color as you won’t feel overdone and the attention will be on the wedding party.

    We hope this list will help you devise a spring garden wedding outfit of your own! Will you be wearing a colorful ensemble to a wedding this season?


    *All images photographed by Brandon Kidd. View our Spring Lookbook, Flourish, for more.

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  • Wednesday, February 26, 2014

    The Ruche Engagement Style Guide has arrived! We know just how stressful wedding planning can be, so we compiled a guide to take you from your engagement session through to the moment you say "I do", with advice on what to wear for every occasion in between. Whether you’re a bride in need of the perfect wedding dress, ideas for your bachelorette party, or tips for finding a cute bridal shower outfit, our guide has you covered each step of the way!

    We know your wedding will be a gorgeous celebration of the connection you and your partner share. So take each day of planning as it comes and focus on loving beautifully, as that’s what this wedding is all about!


    P.S. To stay up-to-date on all of our wedding planning tips and inspiration, be sure to subscribe to our bridal newsletter, “like” our Ruche Bridal page on Facebook, and take a peek at our bridal boards on Pinterest. Our new bridal collection is launching soon, so if you haven’t found your dream dress, it may be just around the corner!

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  • Wednesday, February 26, 2014

    First things first: what exactly is a first look? A first look is an orchestrated, intimate moment when a couple sees each other before the wedding ceremony. We know what you’re thinking; that’s so untraditional! But it’s becoming more of a new tradition as couples opt to have a private moment together before the ceremony. The groom is usually led to a secluded, scenic spot, where the bride then taps him on the shoulder. He then turns around and sees her for the first time, and the reactions of the couple are captured by the photographer.

    Image via Style Me Pretty

    While there are a number of reasons first looks are a great idea, it’s ultimately a personal decision. If you’re on the fence about which decision is right for you, read on for five reasons you might want to do a first look.

    1. Time alone together on your wedding day:  The first look is often the only time a couple has alone during the wedding. Even if you saw each other the night before, there will be so much you want to say to each other on your big day! Having a first look allows you to take time to talk, laugh, and enjoy being alone before the whirlwind of friends and relatives. Relieving a bit of the nervousness and stress will also translate into beautiful, relaxed couple portraits.

    2. More couple portraits: Wedding photography is a big investment and your couple portraits are some of the most cherished photos you will decorate your home with. Doing a first look ensures that you won’t be rushed post-ceremony. By having more time, you give your photographer the chance to get more creative with compositions and settings, and to capture more of those candid sweet moments that happen in between poses. Between a possible schedule mishap or the need to get the reception, you might only end up with a quick twenty-minute portrait session after the ceremony.

    Image via Style Me Pretty

    3. A more relaxed photography timeline: If you do a first look, you can take most (if not all!) of your formal family pictures before the ceremony as well. As with couple photos, these family photos may feel more relaxed and joyful than pictures taken during the small window between the ceremony and reception. Instead of the wedding coordinator hovering over you during portraits to remind you of the fifteen minutes until your entrance, you can naturally transition from the first look into couple portraits and family photos. Once you’ve walked down the aisle, the remaining wedding party and family photos will be fun because no one is rushed.

    4. Cocktail hour fun: Even if you have a first look, that moment when you walk down the aisle will be just as special -- you’re joining your best friend in a life together, after all! But now, instead of seeing each other for the first time in front of 50 or 200 guests, you will have had that moment be intimate and private, preparing you for the festivities ahead. By the time you get the reception, you'll be free to just be with your guests, eat, dance, and enjoy the toasts, knowing what your partner was feeling earlier that day and with the reassurance that the photographer captured the pictures you wanted most.

    Image via Style Me Pretty

    5. In the event you cry: A final argument for the first look is both simple and sensible -- it could be the best choice for you if you’re someone who cries easily! If so, the first look can help for a couple of reasons. On one hand, the first look might allow you to get your tears out before the walk down the aisle, giving you time to fix your makeup and appear collected for the ceremony. On the other hand, if you don’t cry during the first look, you’ll be assured beautiful, tear-free photos with your future spouse, allowing you to feel free to cry all you need to during the ceremony itself.

    So Ruchettes, is the first look for you? Weigh the pros and cons of breaking from tradition, and go with the decision that best suits who you are as a couple. Whether or not you choose to see your future spouse before the ceremony, you’ll certainly have a beautiful wedding!


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