• Wednesday, February 5, 2014

    We swoon when couples incorporate the charm of vintage eras in their wedding décor. One of our favorite wedding DIY’s is one that just takes a little patience and perseverance! Mismatched vintage dishes have been showing up in wedding place settings and every time we see it our hearts go pitter patter. Using mismatched dishes with different colors and patterns for your wedding is beautifully unique, because no two thrifted collections could ever be exactly the same. The advantage of using mismatched dishes goes beyond charm too— it can save up to half of the cost of renting dishes!

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    If you do decide that the input of time and energy in thrifting your wedding dishes is worth it for you, here are five essential tips to creating the perfect collection:

    1. Start early: As they say, the early bird gets the worm! It will take time and patience to amass a collection of thrifted wedding dishes. Count up how many dinner plates you will need, and chargers too if you decide to have both, as well as dessert plates. Mismatched vintage glassware can also be a beautiful addition to your table settings. Start your search up to 9 months in advance, that way you can slowly collect what you need without any last minute anxiety, and clearly label every box or container along the way so you remember what you have.

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    2. Create color or thematic rules: Even a collection of mismatched dishes should be unified by a central organizing element of some kind to tie them together, so you don’t veer from sweet DIY whimsy to hodge podge chaos! Take cues from the look and feel of your wedding for the appropriate design motif. Perhaps you will search for any patterns with colors that fit with your wedding, look for floral or bird motifs, or pick up dishes with the same embellishments, like gold rims. Victorian floral patterns work well for a garden wedding or rustic affair, while a 60’s retro look fits with a mod wedding.

    3. Make it fun: Thrifting your wedding dishes should be one of the most fun DIY’s you do! Turn every search at the Goodwill, Salvation Army, local flea market, or estate sales into a fun excursion. Grab a coffee and recruit your fiancé, friends, or bridesmaids to search for vintage gems with you on a weekend afternoon.

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    4. Be cost-conscious: If part of the reason you’re choosing to source your mismatched plates from thrift stores is to save on costs, be sure to have a per-plate budget in mind. Research the price of renting a plate, and then decide on a per-plate cost you’re happy with. Then when you score a major deal on one set, you can splurge on a really special find! Most thrift stores have sale days, so make a note of those! And keep in mind that you will often pay less for dishes that are no longer in complete sets. 

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    5. Buy the silverware: Plates and cups are one thing, but thrifted silverware? First, it can be a little more time intensive to find good pieces. Second, we’re not sure you can scrub the rust and crustiness in between the fork tines off, so just buy a new set on the cheap (there are even disposable cutlery sets that look like silver)!

    Remember, patience is a virtue when it comes to thrifting vintage dishes for your wedding. If you only want to showcase a few vintage plate finds, try this cute cake stand DIY that would be perfect for a pie table. Happy thrifting!


  • Wednesday, January 29, 2014

    While flowers are a lovely part of any wedding day, they certainly can add up quickly. Between the centerpieces, ceremony florals, boutonnieres, corsages, and bride and bridesmaid bouquets, it’s easy to spend a large chunk of your wedding budget on peonies and dahlias! In order to reduce the florist’s bill and add a personalized, handcrafted touch, many brides are going the DIY wedding bouquet route and making their own. If you have time, flexibility, and a little creativity on your side, then making your own DIY wedding bouquet will be a beautiful part of your nuptials!

    (Source: Project Wedding)

    15 to 25 stems
    Floral tape
    Scissors or floral shears
    Bouquet pins

    1. If you’re going to a grocery store or farmer’s market, you can’t be sure what types of flowers they will be selling or how many they will have of each variety. Get there as early as possible for the best selection, and go with the floral flow! Flexibility is key when it comes to making a DIY wedding bouquet.

    (Source: A Clock Without Hands)

    2. When choosing your flowers, look for different varieties and colors that will complement one another and fit with your bridal look/wedding theme. Re-think filler flowers like carnations and baby’s breath as well as sprigs of greenery like eucalyptus and dusty miller that can add a big oomph of beauty on the cheap. Lastly, be sure to buy more flowers than you think you will need, in case of any trimming mistakes or wilting.

    (Sources: Ruffled Blog One and Two)

    3. After you buy your flowers, slightly trim the stems diagonally and place them in water 1-2 days before the wedding to give the flowers a chance to open into full bloom.

    4. Before you begin assembling, remove the leaves and foliage from the flowers with scissors or floral shears.

    5. Use 2-4 flowers as the base of your DIY wedding bouquet. Choose at least one or two of your largest, prettiest blooms for a full look.

    6. Build around the base of your bouquet by evenly adding flowers, fillers, and greens in bunches of 2-3 and then rotating the arrangement before adding again. Be sure to hold the bouquet away from yourself to assess your progress and the shape the bouquet is taking, and hold it up in the mirror to see if you like the size or want it to be bigger or smaller.

    (Source: Floret Cadet and Style Me Pretty)

    7. Now that your DIY wedding bouquet looks just the way you want it, trim all of the stems to the same length, about 8-12” depending on preference.

    8. When you’re finished, wrap the stems with floral tape with about 1 inch of exposed stem at the top and 5 inches at the bottom until it feels secure. You can also add two rubber bands at the top and bottom before the floral tape, if you want to take an added measure!

    (Source: Style Me Pretty)

    9. Finish your DIY wedding bouquet by wrapping with white ribbon, vintage fabric, or twine from the bottom towards the top until the green floral tape is entirely covered and insert a floral pin through the ribbon and into the stems to secure into place.

    (Sources: Ruffled Blog and Style Me Pretty)

    10. Place the bouquet in a vase with enough water to cover the stems but not the ribbon and then store somewhere cool or in the fridge.

    Lastly, a word to the wise — don’t DIY on your own! Ask friends or bridesmaids to help you with your foray into florals. You can even throw a little bouquet party after the rehearsal dinner so your bridesmaids can make theirs too. We hope this helps you create a gorgeous DIY wedding bouquet, and save some money for the honeymoon!


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  • Wednesday, January 29, 2014

    If you started planning your wedding around the time you were six, you probably envisioned that everything would be pink! Now that you’re all grown up, your wedding colors may have expanded beyond the cotton-candy hue you favored in childhood, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still bring the sweetest of romantic colors into your nuptials! Any self-confessed girly girl or hopeless romantic has her eyes on a pink wedding bouquet, but a pink wedding bouquet can be arranged for any wedding style and bridal look.

    Let’s start with the flowers. Some of the primary flowers to have in a pink wedding bouquet include: dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, and peonies. While those flowers take center stage in a pink wedding bouquet, some secondary plants and greenery to consider include: carnations, succulents, lamb’s ear, olive branches, dusty miller, delphinium, heather, hydrangea, lavender, lily of the valley, Queen Anne’s lace, and stock. Here are 5 ideas for pink wedding bouquets that show just how versatile this pretty floral hue can be!

    1. Dahlia delight: This pink wedding bouquet highlights one big pink dahlia, and then complements it with creams and red ranunculus for a modern and fresh aesthetic, perfect for an elegant affair or art gallery wedding! Take this idea by starting with a primary pink flower and creating color contrasts with a few different hues.

    2. Rustic pinks: The wild, gathered look of this pink wedding bouquet with pops of greenery and varied shades of pinks, oranges, and peach along with berries is perfect for a rustic ranch wedding. Use this idea for your own bouquet by pairing sweet pink florals with greenery big on rustic charm!

    3. Peony perfection: A bouquet bursting with pink peonies is 100% guaranteed to make us swoon. This is a modern classic, but peonies are only briefly in season, so if you get married outside their blooming time, swap for garden roses!

    4. Vintage elegance: The sweet prettiness of this pink wedding bouquet comes from the soft pastel palette of the florals, with blooming pink roses and cream hydrangeas creating a sense of profusion. A bouquet like this looks darling or a garden wedding or vintage-inspired day.

    5. Muted pinks: Since we’re crazy for peonies, we had to pick one more pink wedding bouquet that put this gorgeous bloom on display! With muted pinks and peachy hues paired with gentle creams, this delicate, whimsical bouquet is perfect for a glam outdoor soiree.

    With a profusion of blooming inspiration, we hope you start pinning your way to the perfect pink wedding bouquet! Don't just save pink strictly for wedding decor, add a pop of pink to your everyday ensemble by shopping our Shades of Pink collection!

    Happy wedding planning!


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  • Wednesday, January 22, 2014


    Stephanie Williams is a successful wedding and lifestyle photographer known for her romantic and whimsical work that combines a fine art aesthetic with photojournalism. In her new book, This Modern Romance, she shares her approach to engagement photography. Engagement shoots have become an important aspect of wedding photography, and photographers need to master the artistry, technique, and business practices behind a successful shoot in order to thrive in today’s wedding photography industry.

    Stephanie, with co-author Christen Vidanovic, has created a must-have resource for aspiring photographers and established professionals alike that includes helpful sections on how to direct couples in posing, current industry trends, and how to harness social media. Photographers will find within these pages the tools they need for providing couples with creative and beautiful imagery they are sure to treasure. And of course an endless source of inspiration in the gorgeous photography!

    The book also covers key wedding photography topics like styling (check out Mai's tips in Chapter 8!), publishing, technical information, workflow, and branding in order to take your work to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your established wedding photography business, This Modern Romance is a must-have for your shelves!


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  • Wednesday, January 15, 2014

    You know your guests are looking forward to the sweet last course, but that doesn’t have to mean tiers upon tiers of fondant. Wedding cake costs often come with sticker shock for many couples. The national average cake cost last year was $451, but cakes can run as high as $1,200, which doesn’t include the per-slice cake cutting fee your venue or caterer may charge. While a wedding cake alternative may seem like a break with tradition, it’s an opportunity to personalize the sweetest aspect of your wedding day. Modern couples want their weddings to reflect their personal style, and moving away from traditional tiers and sugar paste flowers is one way to do this. So here are 5 wedding cake alternatives that will satisfy each and every guest’s sweet tooth while saving a heap of money for the honeymoon!

    1. Think small: If a wedding cake alternative just isn’t classic enough for you, choose a smaller wedding cake to display and cut, and serve your guests from non-stacked sheet cakes. This can save around 50% from your cake bill, since the most expensive aspect of a wedding cake is the labor, not the ingredients. A smaller cake will take less time for your baker to create. And opting for buttercream over fondant can also be a big source of savings.

    Image Source: Style Me Pretty

    2. Rustic appeal: A pie table is perfect for a rustic wedding! Pies are an all-American wedding cake alternative that can be set out on cake stands of varying heights for a beautiful dessert station. You can either ask any of your wedding guests with culinary talents to bring a pie as their gift, or order them from a bakeshop. Take notes from this helpful how to and then let your guests happily decide between strawberry-rhubarb, apple, cherry, lemon, peach, and blueberry!

    Image Source: Style Me Pretty

    3. Glazed or jelly-filled: Imagine your guests walking into your reception venue, perusing the lovely centerpieces and looking around to find the cake…only to see a doughnut tower instead! Doughnuts are trending as a wedding cake alternative right now, on their way to surpassing cupcakes as a go-to handheld dessert. Cheaper than cupcakes, doughnuts have been having a renaissance in the foodie world. Not only are there lots of varieties, from cake doughnuts to crullers, malasadas to beignets, there are different ways to serve them too!

    Image Source: Style Me Pretty

    4. Pittsburgh Tradition: Cookie tables are a long-held tradition in Pittsburgh, where most brides can’t imagine their reception without plates piled high with linzers and biscotti. Cookie tables are filled with tons of varieties thanks to the efforts of moms, aunts, grandmothers, and friends, who bake and freeze in anticipation of the wedding day. Make this tradition your own with a DIY dessert table filled with all your favorites, like lemon tarts, peanut butter blossoms, thumbprints, and macarons. Be sure to get creative with your display and leave out little take-out boxes or bags to make the cookies pull double duty as your dessert and wedding favors.

    Image Source: Style Me Pretty

    5. Ice Cream Bar: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! An ice cream Sunday bar is perfect for a summer wedding. An assembly line for putting together ice cream sundaes will quickly banish any lingering thoughts of wedding cake. Have a few different ice cream flavors and a fruit sorbet on hand, and then display the toppings creatively, offering up sprinkles, chocolate shavings, berries, sliced bananas, nuts, shredded, coconut, crushed oreos, and anything else your heart desires. Let your guests top it off with hot fudge, caramel or whipped cream. You can even give it a vintage spin with these cute tips!

    Image Source: Style Me Pretty

    We’re sure you won’t miss the standard tall white cake (or the associated cost!) with these delicious and budget-friendly wedding cake alternatives.


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  • Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    What's not to love about a 1920's traveling-circus inspired wedding? From the handmade bouquets, to maps and old books, Rebecca created a swoon-worthy low-budget wedding. Keep reading to find out what she had to say about it!

    "We really wanted our wedding to be a reflection of who we are and what we care about."

    Matt and I both love adventure, we love travel and we love vintage odds and ends. It worked out perfectly because as we started looking at all the old antique suitcases and vintage travel items that had been passed down through the generations of my family, we realized we already had all the props! As we pieced everything together, the theme evolved into a Jules Verne style travel with the hot air balloons, maps, and the old books we used as centerpieces. Since we were on a budget, we got creative!

    My bouquet had six varieties of flowers in it including white heather, pink wax flowers, and two paper flowers! One was printed with a love sonnet by Shakespeare and the other with the love passage from 1st Corinthians. They were both meaningful to me, and it was another way to add significance to even the smallest of things. My sister-in-law gave all the bridesmaids a lesson in bouquet-making, so each one was handmade the night before! We also made the boutonnieres and corsages mostly out of paper.

    The location was a house owned by my aunt and uncle in the heart of Vacaville. It was built in the early 1900's in the gorgeous Art Deco style of craftsmanship.The classic house itself added so much to our vintage theme. The backyard was the area we used for the ceremony and reception, which was perfect as it had beautiful landscaping, a gazebo, and even an outdoor bar!

    Pulling a wedding together in only 6 weeks is definitely a challenge, but it is possible! Having a clear vision, staying organized, and not stressing over the details are all essential.

    "But at the end of the day, the focus shouldn't be on the wedding but on the beginning of a beautiful marriage."

    Photography: Cayton Heath Photography, Location: Family home in the heart of Vacaville, Catering: Buckhorn Catering located in Winters, CA


    Do you have "real wedding" photos you'd like to share? We’d love to see them! For your chance to join our Blogger Family and become featured on our blog, send your wedding photos to Don't forget to browse our bridal Pinterest account too for even more wedding inspiration!

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  • Tuesday, December 31, 2013

    Last New Year’s Eve, blogger and photographer Amanda, and her high school sweetheart, Tyler, tied the knot in the most glam and glitz way imaginable, under a canopy of twinkly string lights. Gold accents, bits of sparkle and glitter, rosy pink florals, and a profusion of white details made this one gorgeous wedding for the books. Besides, what could be more beautiful than ringing in the new year as newlyweds? With confetti, noisemakers, and their closest family and friends, their celebration was filled with love and dreams of all that 2013 would hold.

    "The whole day was truly magical. I always feel like there’s never a whole lot I can say about this memorable day because the photos say and show more expression than I could ever voice."

    Florist: Kate Foley Designs, Venue: Hickory Street Annex, Band: Identity Theft Band
    Catering: Black Eyed Pea, Photo booth: 4 Flashes Photo Booth Dallas, Videographer: Smith Family, Decor: BHLDN, Photographer: EE Photography

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding with us, Amanda! We wish you and Tyler are very happy anniversary!


  • Wednesday, December 18, 2013

    Every bride knows that the perfect bridal look starts with a dream wedding dress! Finding the right wedding dress, the gown that makes you feel beautiful and ready to walk down the aisle, is one of the must fun aspects of wedding planning. And it starts with inspiration, with finding a gown that embodies your vision. We were thrilled when talented artist, Shy Davis, shared her lovely sketches inspired by two of our favorite Ruche wedding dresses! Our Angeline wedding dress is a dazzling combination of ivory tulle and glittering ivory sequins, complete with an asymmetrical silhouette and ruched details.There is truly nothing more beautiful and ethereal than a bride floating down the aisle in a delicate chiffon wedding dress, except for maybe Shy's artwork of one!

    Here is Shy's gorgeous illustration of our Angeline bridal gown.

    Shy's second illustration was inspired by another one of our stunning wedding dresses, featured in our Lace and Lavender bridal lookbook.

    Thank you for allowing us to showcase your amazing artwork, Shy! Be sure to stop by Shy's blog here to marvel at more of her bridal inspired illustrations and stylish wedding fashion musings!


    Do you love art and fashion and want your pieces to be featured on our blog? Email your artwork featuring Ruche to!

  • Wednesday, December 4, 2013

    We love when Ruchettes let us be a part of their special day! Ruchette bride Alyssa looked especially lovely in our Angeline dress as the light filtered softly through the trees. The woodland setting along with the rustic touches created the perfect atmosphere for an autumnal wedding. We truly can't think of a more beautiful way to say "I do"! Here is her story:

    I had always dreamed of having a wedding in the woods. The idea of having the trees and the speckled spots of sunshine around us just seemed so romantic to me. So Craig and I were thrilled when we found the perfect setting at a small local ski club just minutes from our house.

    Even though we had 120 people at our wedding, the forest felt so intimate. After the ceremony we had a cocktail reception out on a large deck off of the chalet and dinner in the chalet.

    Craig and I had opted for a late summer wedding because I wanted there to be as little chance of rain as possible and we ended up being very lucky. The day was absolutely gorgeous.

    Picking out the dress was probably the most difficult part of the whole planning process. I knew that I wanted something different in a wedding dress. Since we were going to be in the forest I wanted something soft and whimsical. I went to as many bridal stores as I could find and tried on at least 40 dresses but nothing was even close to what I wanted. When I finally found the Angeline dress on Ruche I knew that was my wedding dress.

    I loved the tulle overlay and the way it sparkled. But I was worried about buying my wedding dress online. What if I was unhappy with the fabric or the fit when it arrived? But watching your bridal video that features all of the dresses (sorry, I can't remember what it's called) gave me a much better idea of the fabric and how it flowed. That video was what really made me buy my dress. And since, you have a 30 day return policy I figured that if I was unhappy with the dress once it arrived then I would just return it.

    But, as fate would have it, the dress fit me absolutely perfectly! I needed to take up the hem slightly but otherwise, it was a perfect fit. 

    We're absolutely swooning over the charming, whimsical details of Alyssa's wedding. From the delicate pink pastel bridesmaid dresses to the ceremony's backdrop, we love the attention she gave to all the little things! We are so happy to have been a part of her lovely wedding.

    Photography: Jenn Huynh, Venue: Chicopee Ski Resort, DJ: Liquid Cube Productions, Photobooth: PhotoBooth2Go, Flowers: Zehrs, Cake: The Cake Tutor, Alyssa's Dress: Ruche, Craig's Suit: Moore's, Bridesmaid dresses: Aritzia and Ruche, Cake Topper: handmade by the bride and groom, Bride's hair piece: Christie Lauren


    Do you have "real wedding" photos you'd like to share? We’d love to see them! For your chance to join our Blogger Family and become featured on our blog, send your wedding photos to Don't forget to browse our bridal Pinterest account too for even more wedding inspiration!

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  • Wednesday, November 27, 2013

    Today’s guest post comes from Nicole of Sorella Muse Photography, a Los Angeles wedding photographer who specializes in photojournalistic, fine art wedding photography, with an abundance of whimsy, creativity and natural light…who also happens to be our marketing copywriter! We're not kidding when we say that she's a woman of many talents!

    Amidst the flurry of decisions that have to be made while wedding planning, choosing your wedding vendors is daunting. These are the companies whose services and products will help fulfill the vision you have for your wedding day, and there are seemingly endless options for venues, planners, caterers, florists, and of course photographers. You have probably heard the refrain that when there is nothing left of the cake or the decorations, when the ceremony and dancing are just memories, the only tangible thing that will remain are your photos (Sidenote: my foodie sister thinks the most important decision you will make is the cake, and judges every wedding she second shoots with me according to moistness, frosting, and filling.) So it’s fair to say that choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important wedding planning decisions you will make (aside from the cake of course!)

    But how should you go about choosing a wedding photographer? If you search Google for “wedding photographer”  literally thousands of local search results will come up which is beyond overwhelming! And once you have found photographers either through your Google search, recommendations from friends, or wedding blog vendor guides, how do you decide between the wedding photographers you are considering?

    After narrowing down your search according to style and price, I suggest you look for an awesome fit. Your florist will drop off your bouquets and your caterer will serve the dinner, but your photographer will be there from the moment you curl your lashes in the morning through the tearful moments as your mom zips up your dress, from the moment you say I do through the dancing, merriment, and fun sparklers exit. For me, great photography happens when I’m not photographing “clients” but friends, couples who I love hanging out with and whose love stories I care about, and that happens when we click in that initial consultation and spend time together during an engagement session. One of my brides even dubbed me her honorary seventh bridesmaid! Whether you find someone’s work that you love right away or are deciding between a few, I hope these questions prompt conversations to help you find a photographer who will be a great fit with you and your fiancé.

    1. How would you describe your photography style?
    You have likely encountered the terms photojournalism, fine art, editorial, modern, and traditional as you have conducted your wedding photography search. Most wedding photographers are actually a mix of these. For example, a photojournalist is someone who documents the day as it unfolds without interfering to pose or set up shots, but most wedding photojournalists these days will take posed couple portraits or ask you to stand in the spot with the best light while you put on your dress. Rather than focusing on the definition of these terms, ask a photographer what any term they identify with means to them and how it shapes the way they tell the story of your wedding day.

    2. What’s your approach to shooting a wedding?
    Continuing on the previous question, make sure you understand how their style impacts their approach to shooting. Are they a fly on the wall photojournalist who only does any posing or arranging during couple and family portraits? What is their goal in posing: to create fine art or dramatic compositions, or to create situations that lead to natural and candid moments? Do they photograph wedding details in a photojournalistic manner, or do they arrange details in an editorial manner for magazine-like compositions?

    3. Can I see two full weddings you have shot (preferably of similar wedding types/venues to mine)?
    It’s important not to judge a wedding photographer’s work on the 30-50 best images they have chosen for a blog post or online portfolio. By looking at an entire wedding, you can get a feel for the photographer’s consistency, for their ability to deal with different lighting situations, and ensure that you love how they cover every part of the day, from getting ready to posed family and couple portraits to the candid party photos.

    4. Do you have liability insurance?
    This is a simple question, but one you should be sure to ask. Every professional wedding photographer should have liability insurance, plain and simple.

    5. How many weddings have you photographed?
    Great wedding photography takes both a creative eye and technical expertise. Someone who has 20 years of experience isn’t necessarily a better photographer than someone who has 2 years of experience, but it is good to get a sense of how many weddings a photographer has done. Wedding photographers need to be able to handle the unexpected and capture moments that happen in the blink of an eye, which takes a thorough knowledge of their equipment, preparation, and experience shooting weddings.

    6. Why are you a wedding photographer?
    Personally however, I think this question is more important than how many years or weddings someone has shot. Is this a photographer who thinks of photographing weddings as a way to pay the bills, or is it someone who absolutely loves weddings? Trust me, there will be a difference in the photos if your photographer views wedding photography as a “job” or as their creative passion.

    7. How would you describe your post-processing style?
    The three most popular editing styles right now are clean, matte, and high contrast. Clean editing is natural feeling, organic, and minimal. Matte editing is more of the vintage filters/film look. High contrast editing uses really vibrant and saturated colors for a punchy, more dramatic look. One isn’t better than the other, it just depends on what fits with your style and vision. Every photographer should edit for exposure and color in every single image, but most only hand retouch (think blemishes, bags under eyes, distracting objects, skin retouching) images that you order as prints or in albums, so be sure to ask about this as well.

    8. How do you plan on lighting our wedding?
    A popular term in photography right now is “natural light photographer”. This means that the photographer works with natural light to create images, unlike a studio photographer who uses artificial light. But a wedding in a dark church or a reception hall will almost certainly call for some kind of artificial light, so be sure to see examples from the photographer’s portfolio of similar weddings to feel comfortable about your photographer’s lighting ability. I don’t like the look of flash and think that natural light creates luminous, natural, romantic images, so I don’t bring it out until the last moment, when all the light has left the sky, but other photographers use their flash throughout the day for more dramatically lit pictures.

    9. What’s included in your packages?
    Every photographer organizes packages differently, so make sure you understand what’s included. Does the package you’re considering include an engagement session? Enough hours to cover everything from getting ready through the reception? An album? The digital files?

    10. Do you bring an assistant or second shooter?
    There are many benefits to having a second photographer at your wedding (which I’ve written about more in depth here and it’s worth asking your photographer if this is something you can add on if it’s not already included in your package.

    I hope these questions help you find the best wedding photographer for your big day! But keep in mind, ultimately it comes down to two things: Do you love the photographer’s work, does it make you feel something? And, do you click with the photographer, will you be happy to have him or her with you throughout your wedding day? After the bouquet has been tossed and the cake has been eaten, the photos will be the only tangible thing left from your wedding, so make sure you are going to love them!

    -- Nicole, Sorella Muse Photography

    We all know that with the beauty of a wedding can come overwhelming stress, especially when it comes to memorializing that special day. The photographs of a wedding are not only images of the day's beautiful moments, but they are the means by which all emotions and memories flood back to you when reminiscing years into the future. Thanks to Nicole, we can make the planning process a little easier for ourselves or a friend or family's upcoming nuptials!


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