Friday, August 8, 2014

The beginning of fall means the beginning of all things back-to-school! We love the thrill of a new grade or semester and the excitement of starting a whole new chapter at the collegiate level. Whether you're embarking on your bittersweet last year of high school or challenging first year of grad school, we have a few must-haves for that first day back! 

Backpack or Bag: School requires quite a few necessities, so it's important to choose a bag (or two!) for carrying everything from one class to the next. We recommend larger satchels with sturdy straps for carrying extra weight without weighing your down. We also love a classic backpack in a pretty floral print or with hints of lace to add a perfectly feminine touch to your everyday ensembles! 

Writing Materials: We hope that you won't be doing too much notetaking on your first day of classes, but just in case you have a professor that's ready to hit the ground running or you want to jot down a few details, it's important to pack writing materials like pens, pencils, and highlighters. We even have a cute DIY pencil case to keep everything in one easy place! 

Notebook: We recommend having one notebook or section in your binder for each class, so be sure to bring along something to write notes in! We love Rifle Paper Co.'s pretty notebooks, and it will be easy to tell which notebook corresponds to which class when you're reaching into your bag! 

Planner: As the semester or year goes on, school can get pretty hectic. In order to stay on top of midterms, finals, due dates, essays, and other homework, a planner is essential. Whether it's a digital app on your phone or a small planner that can fit in your bag, carrying something to keep an organized calendar is definitely a must-have for heading back to school! 

Folder: Your first day back to school usually includes teachers handing out things like their syllabus or papers with information about the class on them. To keep everything in one place, pack a folder so you don't get lost in a sea of papers by the end of the day! 

Book: In the off chance that you find yourself out of class early and between classes, we love packing something to read. You may choose to get ahead in your class readings or finish the last novel off of your summer reading list, but it's always nice to have something to keep your mind entertained when you're waiting for your next class! 

Tech Accessories: If you have an online class or enjoy taking notes on your latop, don't forget to bring your essential tech accessories! Having your laptop with you on campus is a great resource for looking up information on the fly or not having to worry about securing a computer in the busy library. If you decide to bring your laptop, bring along your charger and a protective case. It's also handy to pack a flash drive in case you need to print something in the library! 

Refreshments: Bringing snacks and water is incredibly important, no matter if you only have a single class that day or you're planning on being on campus from sunrise to sunset. Packing snacks high in protein like nutrient-rich trail mix and granola bars along with staying hydrated will help you stay sharp. 

The Little Things: Any time you're away from home it's important to keep a few things by your side to ensure your comfort. Packing essentials like a moisturizing chapstick, a handy compact mirror, chewing gum, and hand sanitizer will make any day of classes a breeze!  

Do you have an essential for heading back to classes we left out? Let us know! And for more back-to-school essentials, stop by our lookbook, Making the Grade, for some stylish inspiration for starting the semester! 


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