Monday, August 25, 2014

Our favorite thing about personal style? The fact that it's, well, personal. We love trying out new trends with each season, but no matter what's in vogue, we'll always have styles we love because they make us smile and give us an extra boost of confidence just when we need it. The search for discovering your own personal style never really ends, with each year you come in contact with styles, places, people, and things that can alter or change your perspective, and in turn, can help evolve your personal style. We always aim to encourage women to wear the things that make them feel like the best version of themselves, and we know that while trends come and go, personal style never fades. Discover your style personality by taking our quiz! Just jot down the letter of the answer that suits you best and tally them up at the very end. Don't forget to share your results with us!  

1. Which accessory do you usually gravitate towards?
A. a bright statement necklace.
B.  A pretty pair of heels or sandals.
C. A stack of beaded bracelets.
D. A dainty layered necklace or midi ring.

2. What's in your handbag?
A. Wallet, bold lipstick, and my favorite colorful scarf.
B. Just the bare minimum - I change my purse to match the outfit I am wearing that day!
C. To be honest, a little bit of everything!
D. I don't usually carry a purse, only a small crossbody with the essentials - I like to keep it simple.

3. Which decade's style do you pine for?
A. The 1960's! I love the bright mod shift dresses.
B. The 1950's! A dainty heel and full skirt make the perfect outfit. |
C. The 1970's! The global prints and textures were simply divine.
D. The 1920's! I love the dropped waists and clean lines of the Jazz Age. 

4. Your shoe of choice is...
A. A darling flat in a bright hue.
B. Did someone say shoes?!
C. A patterned wedge.
D. A classic pump in a neutral hue. 

5. Your libation of choice?
A. I love trying anything fruity!
B. A martini with a stack of olives - I love little details!
C. Something tropical like a Mai Tai or Mojito.
D. I can never go wrong with a simple Greyhound or Gin & Tonic. 

6. What's on your nails?
A. A pop of pink.
B. A pretty pastel shade that matches my pedicure.
C. Vibrant nail art.
D. A dark hue or nude tone. 

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