Friday, April 20, 2012

We had the amazing opportunity to partner with Lovisa Photo for a giveaway and we're pleased to announce the winner! Congrats, Bri!


Bri said:


Many college sweet-hearts are young and in-love, Kyler and I are young and in-debt. We are both looking forward to a wedding full of thrifty buys and DIY projects, but there's some things you just can't do for yourself, like an engagement shoot! We have the tiniest budget, but we have faith that things will all fall into place. My older sister just recently got married last May, and I can see the worry in my parents eyes as they begin to prepare for my wedding. Winning this engagement shoot would be such a blessing to not only Kyler and I, but to my family as well. Love is a photo, and I would be overjoyed if Lovisa Photo would capture that for Kyler and I. Thank you so much for this opportunity :) I'm sure it will be difficult to choose a winner from all the deserving couples, so good luck!


Thank you for participating everyone! ♥




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