Stress-Free Wedding Day Morning

Finally it’s here, the day you have been dreaming about for months! But before imagining the moment you’ll slip into your wedding dress to make your way down the aisle, think about having a plan in place to ensure a lovely and stress-free morning before you tie the knot.

1. Prioritize your zzz’s

A stress-free morning starts with a nice, relaxing night before. Try having a cup of chamomile tea if you’re having trouble falling asleep. Treating your body to a good night’s rest means you won’t wake up exhausted with bags under your eyes!

2. Cute pre-wedding dress attire

You can be comfortable while you’re getting ready without sacrificing style (especially since your photographer will be snapping away!) Choose an outfit that will allow you to change out of it and into your wedding dress without messing up your hair and makeup. A pretty white or floral robe is a cute option. You can also wear comfy black pants/leggings with a button-up shirt. Make it a classic white button-up for an elegant affair, or go with plaid or chambray if you’re having a rustic barn wedding.

3. Tunes set the mood

Don’t let the room go silent during hair and makeup! Create a playlist full of happy, upbeat tunes, more relaxed and mellow sounds, or just all of your favorite songs to create a fun getting ready environment.

4. Create a morning schedule

You have probably worked with your photographer and coordinator to create a wedding day schedule, but go one step further to create a morning schedule. Creating a list of times and events that will help on the morning of your wedding day can help relieve stress. Have a reasonable timeline for waking up, having breakfast, hair and makeup (add a 30 minute buffer in addition to how long the MUA says it will take!), putting on your wedding dress, pictures with your bridesmaids, and last minute touch-ups.

5. Wedding planner on speed dial

Keep in touch with your wedding planner or day-of-coordinator throughout the morning so you know that they are taking care of business while you get pretty. You don’t want to worry about the centerpieces while you’re stepping into your wedding dress.

6. Designate bridesmaid roles

Ask bridesmaids to help keep the room tidy for the best getting ready photos. Ask one bridesmaid to have all your details ready for the photographer when he/she arrives, like your shoes, your jewelry, your rings, your wedding dress, a clean invitation suite, family heirlooms, etc. Your job this morning is to focus on getting ready to put on that wedding dress! Your bridesmaids’ job is to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

7. Stay fueled

Start your day with a healthy, balanced breakfast. Nerves can make it hard to work up an appetite, but it’s very important to stay hydrated and energized on the day of your nuptials.

8. Wedding dress 101

Get your wedding dress ready for your photographer by taking out the cardboard wedding dress form and removing any tags. This will help them photograph your wedding dress more quickly, and thus have more time for candid getting ready photos. Don’t forget to bring a pretty hanger for your wedding dress. A plain old plastic hanger just won’t cut it! Your wedding dress deserves to have the most glamorous photo op.

9. Decorations Committee

Have a team in charge of the wedding decorations if you don’t have a wedding planner handling all the little details. Ask trustworthy friends or family members to set up decorations, flowers, and any final touches.

10.Choose optimism

Flexibility is key on a day where everything may not go according to plan. Take a deep breath and choose happiness. Just remember that you are marrying the love of your life. What else could really matter besides that?

We hope these ten wedding morning tips ensure that you’re relaxed and radiant when it comes time to say I do! If you’re still searching for the perfect wedding dress that is both modern-vintage and affordable, be sure to take a peek at our wedding dress collection. Whether you’re looking for a retro wedding dress for a vintage-inspired day, a classic gown for simple elegance, or a garden wedding dress for a ceremony amidst flowers and trees, we have you covered.

Photography credit: Stephanie Williams (This Modern Romance)