Blue skies and sunny days have us dreaming up all sorts of vacation ideas. When it comes to packing lightly, however, four steamer trunks full of dresses just won't do! Our travel guide, complete with vacation ideas and packing tips, is intended to help you pack to perfection so you have just enough outfits to look effortlessly pulled together and stylish without having to bring your whole closet with you.

These year-round destinations include experiencing the beauty of nature in the mountains or at the beach, indulging in great food and wine in rustic wine regions, and being surrounded by the energy and culture of great cities. Hover over the map to see vacation ideas, review the accompanying packing lists, and start planning your itineraries!

  • Beaches
  • Wine
  • Cities
  • Mountains

Few things evoke relaxation like sea breezes, so whenever we brainstorm vacation ideas, the beach always tops the list! For any beach vacation, (even if you plan on staying by the pool and sipping on lemonade with those little umbrellas) you will need a vintage-inspired bathing suit and cute beachwear for throwing on after ocean dips. We love embracing an easy-breezy style at the beach while still looking put together! The best beach vacation dress is versatile - it can be thrown on after a day by the sea and dressed up with jewelry and cute wedges for dinner. Add to your beach tote a bright beach towel, SPF and a beach read, and you'll be ready to soak up some sunshine!

You don't have to be a wine connoisseur to know that the best place to taste a wine is in the region it's made, surrounded by the sights of beautiful vineyards and accompanied by the helpful guidance of a great winemaker. In our list of vacation ideas for wine regions, we'll happily head to touristy Napa, but also love the smaller, rustic wineries and family-run operations you find in smaller regions. Wine regions are typically foodie destinations too, so you'll need casual but polished outfits for afternoon picnics as well as chic accessories for transitioning to evening dinners. Once your trip is complete, don't forget to buy a few of your favorite bottles to take home with you to recreate the experience!

When we brainstorm vacation ideas, we often picture sand and sea rather than skyscrapers, but cities make for incredible vacations too. You'll want to bring outfits that multi-task for everything on your itinerary, from visiting museums and art galleries, trying new restaurants and cute cafes, strolls through city parks, and experiencing the fun city nightlife. This packing list has you covered whether you're headed for the skyline of New York or the vibrant spirit of New Orleans, the indie arts scene of Austin or the foggy bay of San Francisco! There are so many incredible and unique cities in the U.S., so grab your sunnies and start exploring.

When it comes to outdoorsy vacation ideas, we think of gorgeous mountain views - no matter the time of year! Whether you're going for the alpine hikes or to curl up with hot chocolate in a ski lodge, head to the mountains to breathe in the clean, pine-scented air and enjoy getting away from everything. But don't think that a mountain vacation has to mean sacrificing style. You will certainly dress more casually with a greater need for clothing with style and functionality, but you can still look cute at a higher elevation! Our must-have? A classic button-up for easy layering.