cute vintage style dresses

Welcome to our vintage inspired styling guide, Ruchettes!

Put on your Mary Jane heels, grab your tote bag and pen, and let’s take a walk through the decades. The 2010s are the perfect time to experiment with clothing, so for all of you women looking for a vintage inspired style, you’re in luck! While we often find ourselves nostalging over the iconic vintage dresses and accessories that accompany each era, living in the second millennium has an advantage -- we can dress in vintage clothing from any 20th century decade we desire and still be in vogue! Whether you want to borrow the free spirit of the Roaring 20s and don sequined, drop waist, vintage dresses or look to the menswear inspiration of 1940s clothing when creating your outfits, you can borrow from the era of your choice (or combine them!) any day of the week for a poised and fashionable look.

Here at Ruche, we seek to recall the vintage clothing trends we cherish from each decade and provide affordable ways to celebrate the evolution of fashion. From our vintage inspired dresses to our antique-finished jewelry, we have the vintage clothing to give your wardrobe the same charm that attracts you to eras of the past. Browse through this guide for inspiration on how to style outfits, and take a peek in our boutique to find the vintage dresses, shoes, and accessories you need to make your wardrobe reflect the polished, creative woman you are. Don’t allow today’s date to affect your interests -- try something new and find the vintage styles that fit you best!

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